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Ethereum Price: Real-Time Chart


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Raiden Network, Ethereum’s Powerful Version of the Lightning Network

Raiden Network, Ethereum’s Powerful Version of the Lightning Network

Raiden Network, part of the upcoming Ethereum upgrade, will provide a serious edge to Ethereum's performance and value for users. This technology uses Off-chain Networks to offer users an improved performance at lower costs. This article will cover what the advantages...



An interesting update if you are following Ethereum price. The update came yesterday from the American Securities and Exchange Commission as they updated the ETHERINDEX ETHER TRUST preliminary prospectus. The Initial registration of the Etherindex Ether trust with the...

Ethereum Price Dropped Below 300 USD, Bearish For Ethereum?

Ethereum price was on its way to reaching new all-time highs before it dropped below 300 USD. Is this the end of Ethereum price's bullish uptrend? Why the sudden drop? What does this drop mean for the overall Ethereum price action and what price levels should...

Ethereum Price On Its Way To 500 USD ?

The price of Ethereum is inches away from all-time highs. In terms of closing prices it could be a matter of one or two days provided that the current rally continues. This should not come as a surprise. When things look very worrisome, just 2 months ago, we wrote...

Ethereum Price Could Be Setting Up For Next Rally

The Ethereum price was in great shape in the first week of August. In recent days, the price has stalled and has continued to hover between $280 and $310, intraday. However, Ethereum could be setting up for a new rally. That is of course a very conditional statement....

Ethereum chart of the day

Our post today will explore the performance of Ethereum Price compared to Bitcoin and Litecoin in 2017. We will also review how Ethereum price held

ethereum price vs other cryptocurrencies

Featured Ethereum Predictions

Ethereum price levels September

Ethereum Price Important Price Levels To Watch In September

Ethereum price, just like other cryptocurrencies, plunged more than 30% from their all-time highs in September. Many factors have contributed to this spectacular price drop

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Ethereum Price and the Upcoming Metropolis Upgrade

Ethereum price, along with other cryptocurrencies, saw their price tumble as the month of September started. This article today will be about an important upcoming

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Ethereum fork
ethereum price Microsoft

Ethereum Price set to benefit from Microsoft New Coco Platform?

Ethereum price will very likely benefit from Microsoft's new Plateform. Our article today will cover why. Some challenges facing Ethereum and Blockchain technology's adoption in

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Real-time Ethereum network data

Cryptocurrency ranking

There are many cryptocurrencies, some widely used and some less. What is the ranking of Ethereum against other cryptocurrencies? Find out Ethereum’s ranking.

Ethereum market cap

Every cryptocurrency has a market cap which is the number of available coins times its price. Find below Ethereum’s market cap based on recent prices.

Total supply of Ether

The number of coins that are available in the market defines the total supply. Check out below the number of Ethereum coins that have been mined.

Number of transactions

How many transactions have been conducted with Ethereum so far? Find out below figure which shows the overall number of Ethereum based transactions.

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How bullish is the Ethereum price?

Ethereum is incredibly bullish at this point. For investors it still offers a great entry price as expectations are that the price of Ethereum will go much higher in the future based on several factors:


First, the number of applications that uses Ethereum increases fast. It is the most popular cryptocurrency on which applications are built at this point, with the greatest case being The Ethereum Alliance.

Second, investment demand has not kicked in yet. There are cryptocurrency investors buying and holding Ether, but there is no investment demand from traditional investors, certainly not institutional investors.

Third, there are no plans from the Ethereum community inflate the world with Ether. The plans are to keep the supply equal in the coming years.


For these reasons we believe that the price of Ethereum remains very bullish.


— This analysis is brought to you by InvestingHaven’s research team

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